Rev Up Your Home With the White Zombie

During World War II, New York City was over run with Nazi spies. But if you want to learn how they were able to influence the minds of the enemy, look no further than…

Rev Up Your Home With the White Zombie

During World War II, New York City was over run with Nazi spies. But if you want to learn how they were able to influence the minds of the enemy, look no further than this guy.

This man, played by Robert Shaw, famously morphed into a mummy during a rampage through the city. The fallout from that story is commonly known as “The White Zombie.” And it’s a scary enough story to make you think you have the faintest of ideas how a private detective could make his way around the city without getting caught.

I mention all of this because you’ve seen that movie and still think you’ve got a great apartment and haven’t seen any of that stuff in action. But if you wanted to put on a controlled op at your place, you wouldn’t find that hard to do. Think of it as Alice in Wonderland meets Rocky Horror Picture Show.

In those movies, the girl Alice invites the mad scientist to her father’s mansion in order to get him to relax and listen to her play. You do the same, but in a very different way.

Ask for direction.

I don’t mean someone with a microphone hooked up to your place; I mean someone to whom you can point your finger and say, “This is what I want and this is what I want to achieve in the room.” If you’re looking to pull off a dramatic or sexy bedroom scene, you can always ask for direction. In your bedroom, instead of going to the wall to press up, you can pull out the mattress on the floor.

In other words, if you want to draw a steamy scene, you don’t need to do what you’re currently doing. In the right way, you can bring an emotional vibe right into your home. Make sure you can stand with your back to the wall and turn your desk or nightstand to the right side. You could even ask the person behind the sofa to make it vertical.

You could even ask the person in front of the coffee table to fold the books in a certain way and match up those pictures with the lights. You could ask the person to play “homework,” which is really what it is. Try an envelope containing three scenes in my book, “Love at First Sight,” down the left wall, the bookcase on the right and under the water cooler on the far wall.

Whatever you ask, you have the power to have more choices than most people have. Or at least, you have a controlled process with which to work. Just like in a movie, pick two different scenes and work together to come up with the most compelling combination.

Well before that movie launched in theaters on June 30, 1955, everyone was getting their hands on the orgina… like in a cinematic context. All kinds of conspiracy theories have the same number six figure opening: The six plus the six. It can really give you an idea of how your case would go if you had someone to consult.

You want to make your apartments as visually distinctive as your romantic content. If you want to impress people who live in your building, then you want to make sure they show more interest than they actually need to.

If you have more room, you can always have a ghost-like presence at your home. If you want to start your own show in your living room, set up an array of candles, seashells and glass bowls and watch as them try to enter your space. That’s a pretty intense entrance.

Inspect your hallways.

When you have less space in your building and are looking to make some changes that will benefit your quality of life, then you might want to take another look at your hallways. You might be surprised what you can do.

Take a look at them and get inspired to take that space one step further and make it all one big, epic dream home.

Mike Pomeranz is a personal life coach, home security professional and senior partner of HomeShield, one of the largest premier security and home automation companies in the United States. These principles apply to any home you are ready to invest in and help save you money.

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